Terms & Conditions

Availability of Limited Edition Prints of Original Artwork Pieces
Limited edition printed copies of original artwork pieces are available for purchase on the website. These items ship the same day as the order is received.  Limited edition prints are signed by the artist and discountinued permanently once the allotment has been met and is indicated online as Sold Out.

Availability of Original Artwork Paintings by Paul
A contract between you and Paul Wade Art for the purchase of our artworks will exist once the artist i.e. Paul Wade, confirms your order to you via email. This will be deemed complete regardless of whether for reasons outside our control you have not received that email.  Original paintings purchased via the website, email or phone will be packaged and shipped same day as purchase.  Original paintings shall remain on the website albeit shown as SOLD.

The details you have provided have been given with your permission and your email will be used to update you occasionally with any offers and newsletters, unless otherwise stated and you have the right to opt out at any time. 
All purchases are for personal or gift use of the buyer only. The artist, Paul Wade, reserves the right to restrict quantities of any one item being shipped to one customer or address. You agree that email can be used as a long distance means of communication

When registering you will be asked for a username and password. It is your responsibility to keep that information safe. Paul Wade Art reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to the site without notice if the site is misused.

Original Oil Paintings
Paul Wade Art takes care that its descriptions and images are as accurate as possible but we cannot control monitor color variations on computer screens. Variations on color hues, finish and texture when buying online is unavoidable.
Information on website is a guide only and are subject to change without notice. All measurements are exact showing width, depth and height.

We strive to be sure that information posted on the www.paulwadeart.com is up to date, but do not accept liability for any omissions and or errors. We reserve the right to change descriptions, details, prices, products and services. Sales on the website are in motion and fluid at any given day, henceforth we cannot promise delays in supply will not occur. If an item is not available immediately for dispatch we will inform you by email of the next delivery date to ship and await your feedback on whether to refund your order or ship on the updated ship date stated.