The MBW Story


Montana Bag Works (IBW, Inc.) began in 1992 in Italy after an Italian-American and an Italian met during an English as a second language course, in Bergamo, Italy. The onset was focused on fashion, fashion design, fashion trim design, accessory development, production management and sustainable material sourcing. In the years that followed, prototypes were created, tested, revised and refined. Some items sold, some didn't, and yet through it all a valuable acumen of style and purpose slowly emerged: Follow your passion and sales will follow.

At the urging of more readily available items from loyal clients in Europe and the United States, Montana Bag Works incorporated in the USA and the e-commerce site was established in earnest in 2018 after a meeting in Prague. Our product line and designers were streamlined to achieve a unique array of items we found over the years to be proven successful, timeless in design and durable for lasting quality. You may see an MBW bag in the back seat of a vintage Aston Martin in France or just as easily in the front seat of a Chevy Silverado on a ranch in Montana. We do not strive to be the biggest handbag developers on the internet nor the smallest but someplace in the middle. After 25 years, we are known for unique profound designs you will find only at MBW - an "MBW" look if you will. We proudly state that our quality is unsurpassed; we have a stellar customer service team, a rapid dedicated response time to emails and orders, and last but not least, fair pricing. 

Our bags and items go through numerous steps from design to prototype to tanning, gluing, skiving, sanding, sewing, riveting, and the steps go on and on and on. However we have found over the years that nothing of beauty comes to fruition without a lot of sweat equity and attention to details. It's the MBW way, and it gives us great pride.

You will not find another bag on the web like the bags here at MBW and this is by design; it’s our credo. We do not want to sell or develop mass produced bags. We produce only individual bags that are creative, intriguing, unique, limited, timeless and even a bit “lonely” as we say around here at the design bench. 

We think you will be happy you found us. But more importantly, we are happy you found us. 

Grazie e Saluti,
The Bench